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**IMPORTANT:  You can only use quotes from Kongzi as your 3 sources(Any text from  Kongzi is fine). And you have to quote it as the desсrіption says. Like:  (book #.chapter #) e.g.: (3.1)* Thank you!   Choose something central to the Confucian texts we read: something that  interests you, or confuses you, or arouses wonder in you, etc.  -something that you care about. Whatever you choose, you must confine  your essay to one of our author′s texts: either Confucius′ Analects  Mencius′Mengzi. You may choose anything you like but you may only write  within the context of one of the two thinkers.  Analyze and explain it as thoroughly and precisely as you can, staying  close to the text of the author you choose(using its terminology,  following its reasoning, etc.). This point is important: refer to,  quote, paraphrase, and cite Confucius′ or Mencius′ text -his words, his  terms, his explanations, his examples, etc. -to aid your explanation of  the idea. The closer you stay to the text, the clearer your explanation  will be.  You may choose one from the following two options: 1) an idea or concept  (e.g., Virtue [De], Benevolence [ren], ″sympathetic  understanding″[shu], the gentleman [junzi], the rectification of names,  the ″sprouts and hearts″ of Virtue, the inherent goodness of human  nature in Mencius, the Confucian model of virtuous/benevolent  government, etc.)  Terminology: Make sure your paper utilizes terminology and concepts  appropriate to the thinker you choose (and REMEMBER, even though Laozi  and Zhuangzi, or Confucius and Mencius, belong to the same tradition,  that does NOT mean that each uses or intends each concept of the  tradition in the same way. REMEMBER that you are writing within the  context of the THINKER/TEXTfirst, and the TRADITION second, as it were).  Philosophical writing and reflection need to be attentive to the  specific weight that concepts have, and work that concepts do, within a  particular philosopher′s thinking or text. You are expected to show this  kind of attention as you write about these thinkers and texts here.Part  of philosophical scholarship -the first step, really -is being able to  express what a philosopher says, in his/her own words. Thatis what you  are being asked to do here. Your interpretations come much later.*In the  case you use them, know that foreign language terms are always  italicized(e.g.: junzi, shu, De,ren,wu wei, Dao, etc.).AND please use  the Pinyin transliteration style (see RCCP, or google it).  Textual Evidence/Citations: I expect you to use the primary text, which  means: offer quotes from the original text (not the introductions) that  support your explanation. Please simply cite parenthetically within the  body of your text (no footnotes), using the following model:  For Confucius: (book #.chapter #) e.g.: (3.1)*  The text we are reading (RCCP) uses these forms, so if you get confused,  look there. There no need to include the book titles within you  parenthetical citations. Since most students seem to be completely  oblivious when it comes to in-text, parenthetical citations, here is a  paradigm to follow, in terms of grammar and punctuation:...Mencius  argues, ″Yeah, you would save that little kid, too″(2A6). [not a real  quote].The quotation marks designate only the quoted text, and the  period goes at the end of the sentence, after the parentheses.This is a  rule that far too many students do not know and/or follow. (And periods  and commas go inside double-quotation marks).   Final CommentsI: will be grading these papers with an eye toward their  presentation, which includes grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation,  etc. Likewise, I am looking for you to strive to articulate yourself  clearly and with precision. Admittedly, this is not an easy task when it  comes to philosophical issues -it takes practice and effort. I don′t  expect any of you to be the next Confucius, but I am looking to see  genuine effort to really grapple with the text, make important  connections, follow the movement of its thinking, and attempt to offer  an explanation that goes beyond a superficial reading.The point of this  assignment is to help you strive toward comprehension of the material.  That begins with understanding what is being said in the text you are  reading.

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