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You will  locate and summarize two newspaper or magazine articles around the  theme: “When old media technologies were new.” Using information and  materials from class as your guide, you will search archives for news  reports or commentary from the early periods of any of the following  media technologies: photography, film, telegraph, telephone, radio,  television, mainframe computers, or personal computers. The articles you select should illustrate any of the following (or  combination thereof): 1) How the technology was imagined, received, or understood while it was  developing 2) A sense of genealogy (perhaps by mentioning a failed competing  technology, or multiple inventors) 3) Attendant social questions or controversies in areas like politics,  economics, and culture (e.g. showing the moral panic around early cinema, the debates around  radio spectrum policy, or how particular business models developed) What you will turn in: You will turn in PDFs of each article and a short summary that explains  very explicitly how the articles illustrate the above theme(s). The  summary should be no longer than one page and should list citations for  the articles (using any format you choose). It can be MS Word or PDF  format.

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