Order 1592379: A persuasive essay about the dark side of retail chicken production (to persuade readers to stop buying and consuming retail chicken)


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Important note: I am only asking for a draft essay. I will add more to it later on. It should be a minimum of 800 words exactly, or just below it. I have the outline done for the persuasive essay attached to this message, all you need to do it to continue it or add, edit it. I have the references you need to use for this essay. Do not use other references, except if they are reliable (.gov, .edu or google scholar websites only). Talk about the dark side of retail chicken production WORLDWIDE only, not just the US, or any other specific country. Use forms of persuasion like ethos, pathos, and logos. At the end of the paper I sent are points to include in the introduction and the conclusion only. Follow the sub-topics only, do not choose any other topics to include, I already have what I want to be discussed in the essay. And right at the end of the paper are ALL of the references to about each of the sub topics. Please use in-text citations of all of these references. Try to persuade the reader to stop consuming retail chicken products or to reduce consuming retail chicken products. If you have any further questions, I am happy to answer them. This is the rubric for the assignment to get an A+: (I am aspiring to achieve an A+) Unity, Thesis, Development, & Relevance Text fully addresses the prompt. The thesis statement and/or topic sentences are focused and clear, and all points are fully developed, reflecting a depth and breadth of knowledge on the topic. For summaries, all main ideas are identified. Summarized content reflects an accurate and full sense of the original text and its purpose. The writer’s own words and syntax are used, and the source is introduced. Appropriate choice and integration of sources and citations (summary, paraphrase, and/or direct quotation) Outstanding: Organization, Coherence/Cohesion Text is cohesive and coherent, and there is a sequencing/progression of ideas in a logically chosen order (chronological, spatial, emphatic, etc). Transitional sentences/phrases and cohesive devices, coordinators, and subordinators are used effectively. Style and Tone Word choice is accurate, wide-ranging, academic, concise, and sophisticated with consistent/appropriate tone and point of view. Effective use of synonyms, word forms, proper voice, and parallel structure. Accuracy Text consists of a variety of sentence structures. No or very limited spelling, grammar, capitalization, or punctuation patterns of error. Consistency of verb tense and pronoun reference. Correct formatting and, if applicable, accurate APA in-text citations and reference list. Thank you!! Please take care of my persuasive essay.

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