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  • Type of paperResearch Paper
  • SubjectEnglish
  • Number of pages5
  • Format of citationMLA
  • Number of cited resources3
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Type of Paper: Research Paper Choose a topic and create a research question. Use any school Library databases to do your research. Formulate your thesis (the answer to your research question). Use your research to support your conclusions. Format of Paper: MLA Font: Times New Roman 12 pt. or Arial 11 pt. Margins: 1 inch on each side, and at top and bottom. Upper left: Your Name & “Research Paper”. Title centered above first paragraph. Double-space. Resources Needed: Cite three resources on your Works Cited page. Use in-text citations where you include information from the resources within your paper. Length of Paper: 5 Pages Minimum You must reach the minimum length in order to earn a grade of C or higher. You must have a Works Cited Page and in-text citations to get a C or higher. The Works Cited page does not count as one of the five minimum pages.

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