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Jimmy invented a device to determine whether people are actually zombies. He calls it “AreYouThere?” Jimmy wants to form a company and sell a million of the “AreYouThere?” devices. Using only the material found in the required readings, in 150 - 250 words, discuss three types of intellectual property that apply to Jimmy. Jimmy also realizes that he needs cash for his start-up costs. He tells his rich Aunt Jane that he needs money for school. She says okay but then finds out about the Zombie company and refuses to write Jimmy a check. Jimmy sues his Aunt for breach of contract. In 150 - 250 words, using the defenses to contract article within the Judicial Education Center in the required readings, discuss two possible defenses that may be available for Aunt Jane. Your essay should contain at least three citations to the required readings, as well as a reference page. Submit your essay in APA format no later than 11:55 PM on the last day of week four. An abstract is not needed. Judicial Education Center (n.d.) Contract Law. University of New Mexico. Retrieved from http://jec.unm.edu/education/online-training/contract-law-tutorial

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