Order 1511296: Poetry Analysis


  • Type of paperEssay (Any Type)
  • SubjectEnglish
  • Number of pages3
  • Format of citationMLA
  • Number of cited resources3
  • Type of serviceWriting

Type of Paper: Poetry Analysis Choose ONE poem from the list provided by your instructor. Analyze the poem using the Who, What, When, Where, Why questions we used in class. Find out what one critic says about the poem; include his/her thoughts in your paper. Format of Paper: MLA Font: Times New Roman 12 pt. or Arial 11 pt. Margins: 1 inch on each side, and at top and bottom. Upper left: Your Name & “Poetry Analysis Paper” – Center your title, and please double space! Resources Needed: Cite one resource on your Works Cited page. Use in-text citations where you include information from the resource within your paper. Length of Paper: 2 Pages Minimum You must reach the minimum length in order to earn a grade of C or higher. The Works Cited Page does not count as one of the two minimum pages.

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