Title: Apply the balance of power to the behavior of the major powers in 1914

Paper type Thesis

Paper format APA

Course level Undergraduate

Subject Area

Political Science

# pages 6   ( or 1800 words Minimum)

Spacing Double Spacing

# sources 6

Paper Details

Use standard formatting (points will be deducted otherwise):

• Double spacing,

• 11 or 12-point font (Times, Helvetica, Calibri, etc.),

• 1 inch margins,

• No more than 1 inch of space dedicated to title and header,

• No extraneous space between paragraphs or headers.

Cite lecture and class readings:

• Include a bibliography and in-text citations,

• You may use any standard citation style, (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.),

• Please do not use outside sources,

• Plagiarism will not be tolerated. 

Please do not include pictures, charts, or figures in your responses. Please do not copy / paste lecture notes into the text of your response. 

sources: Fromkin

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