Order 1331847: Grendel Monster Story research paper


  • Type of paperResearch Paper
  • SubjectEnglish
  • Number of pages9
  • Format of citationMLA
  • Number of cited resources8
  • Type of serviceWriting

Majority of instructions are on the upload. I want the paper to focus on Grendel by John Gardner. The papers instructions along with the format of the paper are on the upload. If you can write a paper connecting Grendel to the instructions of the research paper for example how society and Grendel relate, and more. minimum 2500 words about 6 to 8 cited sources 250 words must be on literature review must be MLA format I believe he has a layout of how the paper should turn out, such as introduction, thesis, literature review, etc which is on page 4 of the upload under paper components. link to several examples: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzBOp9O4MlQSWV9mNFZJZW51N0E

  • Posted: 10 days ago

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