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  • Type of paperLab Report
  • SubjectPhysics
  • Number of pages3
  • Format of citationOther
  • Number of cited resources0
  • Type of serviceWriting

There is a format to follow, a sample report, and then the information for this physics lab report. I am willing to pay for 3 double spaced pages for this report. All the graphs, charts, etc. are ready for submission. I need the narrative portion completed, to include the objective, theory, procedure, analysis, and conclusions. IF it is necessary to write more than 3 double spaced pages (825 WORDS) for this report, please let me know.

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Progressive delivery

With progressive delivery, you have an additional deadline by which you have to provide a first half of the paper for the customer. The customer may evaluate this work and add his or her commentary.

  • Posted: a month ago

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