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Before you begin this assignment, please view the PowerPoint Slide Shows: Media History, Why Media Studies, and Chapter 1 by clicking on the PowerPoint Tab. Web search: John Dewey; Harold Innis; Walter Ong; Marshall McLuhan; Robert W. McChesney; Neil Postman. 1) After researching Dewey, McLuhan, and McChesney, please discuss whether their ideas are similar or divergent. 2) Do you believe, like Dewey, that media make community? What is your prognosis for the future of media and society? 3) Using specific examples, how media developments affected human societies over the past 500 years? 4) What do you think is the most important invention of your generation and why? Of the last 50 years and why? Of the last hundred years and why? 5) How much of your daily life is spent engaging in media activities and how do they affect your life? Give examples. Which forms of Mass Media could you live without? 6) Explain how the influence of mass media extends beyond what we know to include how we relate to the social world. 7) What do sociologists mean by the terms structure and agency? Use an example from your own media use habits to examine how these terms can be applied to media. 8) What are the key defining characteristics of “mass media”? In what ways are digital media forms similar to and different older forms of mass media? 9) How do you think the presence of television changed family life? How is the Internet changing family life in similar and different ways to television? 10) How interactive do you think the Internet is? How much do you and your friends do to take advantage of the Internet’s potential for interactivity? 11) What social or political issues do you care about passionately? How does media coverage affect your politics?

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