Operation Management


Refer to textbook Business Essentials by Ricky W Griffin and Ronald J. Ebert

Answer the following questions in FULL. If assignment cannot be done correctly please do not offer to complete! No plagiarism and report should be submitted with work. Originality and precision is needed!


Q.7-41.  What is operations management? Define the term "utility" and describe  how operations creates various forms of utility, providing an example of  each. How is operations management more complex when proving services?

Q.  7-42. Successful business leaders say that any business's success  depends on the matchup (or compatibility) between its operations  capabilities and its overall business strategy. That is, major  competitive weaknesses exist when operations capabilities are not  consistent with or conflict with company strategy. In contrast,  successful companies ensure that operations are designed to support  overall strategy. Compare and contrast two companies that have chosen  different strategies for attracting customers, as follows:

a) Describe the differences in their strategies

b) Identify and describe key operations capabilities and characteristics for each company.

c)  Explain for each company how its operations characteristics either  support its strategy, or how those characteristics do not support its  overall strategy

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