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For  extra credit, please see a live performance of dance (college  level/professional) and write a one page reflection paper.  Please scan a  program of the event and include it in your submission.  You may also  take a photo of yourself at the event if there is no program available.  For credit, you must receive at least 40 pts for this assignment.  It  must be one complete page, double spaced, 1"margins, 12pt font.  A  separate title page can include your name, name of class, etc.  You will  not get credit for a page of work if this is included on the same page  of your reflection paper.

Your reflection must include:

Where (the location of the performance)

When (when the performance happened)

Who you saw perform (company or group)

What you saw (type of dance and description)

Your thoughts on the performance--what you liked/disliked and why.

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