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This  semester, my objective has been to give you exposure to contemporary  dance practices in the 21st Century, from warm up to performance.

The  warm up has focused on concepts such as head/tail  connection, contraction/release of the spine (cat/cow stretch), core  work, lengthening of the sides of the body, balance/stabilization and  extension from the core to the periphery of the body.  

You  have been given movement combinations to explore rhythm, use of space,  weight, relationship to others, dynamics approaches to movement and body  shapes.  You have also been asked to improvise and create your own  movement based on your own preferences and movement repertoire.  In our  class choreography, we have used social dance (swing) and jazz/hip hop  movements within a contemporary dance context.

Please read through this article that discusses the development of what we now call contemporary dance.

For  your final writing assignment, please write a reflection paper sharing  what you learned this semester about contemporary dance.  Include 1)  what you may have learned about your body in the warm-up or in the  dances (what was helpful, what was challenging, what was new  information).  2) How was the choreography created in class reflective  of how contemporary dance is practiced today (please refer to the  article and your own experiences).  Share your experiences in  learning/creating this choreography

Requirements  of the paper are two pages, double spaced, 12pt font, 1"  margin.  Please submit as a WORD document on Blackboard.  Include a  separate title page which are not part of the required two pages of  text.

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