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As we have stated, self-assessment is a critical component of the Baldrige process.

Accordingly, this assignment will require you to engage in a reflective process and allow you to

develop and articulate your own thoughts on the concept of "quality", the Baldrige principles,

organizational issues, personal and organizational learning, corporate responsibility, and other

important ideas discussed in this course.


Your paper should cover:

 A reflection of the Baldrige process and quality.

 Organizational issues

 Personal and organizational learning.

 Corporate responsibility

Your paper should cover the issues above, address your learning experience in the course, and

identify areas of your greatest (or least, if necessary) development or understanding. A welldeveloped paper will make reference to the Baldrige principles in a coherent and thoughtful

way, introduce new thinking if appropriate, and show an understanding of the course materials

and their application in an organizational or personal environment.

Please write clearly and in a grammatically correct manner. Remember, clarity of presentation

goes a long way in enhancing the credibility of the presentation.


 Length: a minimum of two pages, not including title or reference pages

 Resources: a minimum of four resources to back up your reflection

 Demonstrate a depth of thought and consideration worthy of a course in quality systems.

 The final product will be a paper that is double-spaced, APA formatted pages.
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