one of the following topics or one of your own ideas


 The format is up to you but make it readable please. Font size must be 11 or 12 point single space for the text.  3-5 pages


Possible topics areas:

1) Gravitational wave detection and future capabilities - LIGO-LISA-BBO

2) The X Ray universe - what do we learn

3) Future ground and space based telescopes - science enabled and technology required

4) The direct imaging of blackholes via their "event horizon" - such as the EHT - Event Horizon Telescope

5) Adaptive Optics (AO) for optical and IR telescopes - how does it work and how well does it perform

6) Using the Moon as an astronomical observatory - opportunities and challenges

7) Multiple universe theories - can we detect parallel and past universes?

8) The fate of our universe

9) Current "tension" in cosmological data and theories - opportunities for new discoveries

10) The matter-antimatter asymmetry problem in our universe

11) Ideas of unifying gravity and quantum mechanics - "The Theory of Everything"

12) Is time travel possible within the current known theories of Physics - Wormholes

13) Is faster than light travel possible and what are the implications?

14) The radio universe - how does it complement optical surveys

15) The infrared universe - how does it complement optical surveys

16) Upcoming large scale sky surveys such as the LSST program - what can we learn 

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