The IT team at Game Technology is working on implementation strategies for the new Customer Contact Care system (C3 ). You will help prepare a structure chart and create a video tutorial about changeover methods. Before you start, you plan to review Chapter 11 of your textbook. First, you will work on the structure chart. You know that the system will rate contacts to identify the best sales prospects. The tasks are performed by a control module called Followup, which has three subordinate modules: List Contacts, Rate Contacts, and Produce Reports. Here are some details about the modules, data, and control couples. Study the table carefully and decide how to handle each of the data or control couples. You also need to work on the video tutorial. The team prepared the first two slides, shown here: Critical Thinking Challenge: Tasks Page Practice Tasks Study the table carefully and decide how to handle each of the data or control couples. Also review the material on video tutorial development. Now complete these tasks: Task 1. Create a structure chart using the information shown in the table. Task 2. Using the examples in the chapter, prepare a text narrative for each of the slides shown. Also include notes for the video developer and the narrator. Challenge Tasks After you complete the Practice Tasks, you learn about new developments at Game Technology. You just found out that the structure chart needs a change. Also, you need to add another slide. Here are the details:  The Produce Reports module will have a condition, and can send a Contact Rating to three of its own subordinate modules: High Potential, Medium Potential, and Low Potential.  Also, the team wants you to add a slide and narrative, similar to slide 2, with three additional examples. Task 1. Add the necessary changes to the structure chart. Task 2. Create the additional slide and narrative. Include three additional examples, and be sure to include at least one example where phased changeover would be suitable.

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