Be sure to note details from the chapter and at the end, summarize your personal thoughts on the subject AND ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS PROVIDING YOUR PERSONAL OPINION.  Reminder - your personal opinion should only be stated at the end of an assignment, after you have completed the other requirements of the assignment, including referencing your work.

        1.  How do you think access to clean food and water may play a role in nutrient-drug interactions?  Include information on the recent floods in the midwest and other parts of the United States and how this might impact nutrient-drug interactions.  

        2.  How do you think poverty and lack of access (food desserts) might play a role in a nutrient-drug interaction?

        3.  What is a food dessert and how do you think food desserts impact both urban and rural communities?

        4.  Do you think the lead contaminated water in the Detroit scandal could play a role in nutrient-drug interactions?  

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