In at least 200 words, briefly list the main arguments that Goffen uses to claim that the Venus of Urbino celebrates marriage and procreation. Then discuss your thoughts on Goffen’s concluding remarks (the last sentences on page 85/ below) about the personality of this Venus. Explain why you agree or disagree with those remarks, considering information she has already provided in her own text, and taking into consideration the video by John Berger. Use specific evidence to support any observations. Please cite all sources appropriately.

Here are Goffen’s concluding remarks to discuss: “Yet generative sex, although given pride of place, takes a secondary role to Venus's personality, which includes but is not subsumed by her sexuality. That the Venus of Urbino looks so forcefully at the beholder is assertive but not brazen. In short, the eyes have it: Venus's eyes, which irresistibly hold our own, assert her character, her intellect, and her power to choose.”

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