NO PLAGIARISM need 3 paragraphs


A.   Select a current article on either GMOs or the Jared Diamond article.  Please make note of the following:

B.  (1 page). 3 paragraphs:

Paragraph 1. SUMMARY.   Summarize the key point(s) and the author's argument.  Be sure to include evidence of how the argument/point is supported.

Paragraph 2. CONNECTIONS.   Address how the article is connected to material presented in the text.  To what extent does this new information validate/support or challenge what is in our textbook?

Paragraph 3.  REFLECTION.  What is your response/reaction to the article and this information?  

C.  Accurate and complete citation (APA or MLA).

NOTE:  These are graded based on your reading comprehension, reflective analysis, and effort.  The goal is to critically reflect on the assigned piece and its key points.

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