NMSU-CJ Assignment 2



  1. What is arrest, and when does it occur? How do legal understandings of the term differ from popular depictions of the arrest process?
  2. On what constitutional amendments are due process guarantees based? Can we ensure due process in our legal system without substantially increasing the risk of criminal activity?
  3. In what kinds of situations are police officers most likely to use force? When has too much force been used?
  4. What is racial profiling? What is racially biased policing? Why have they become significant issues in policing today?
  5. Do you think that this chapter has accurately described the police personality? Why or why not? Can you identify any additional characteristics of the police personality? Are there any listed here that you do not think are accurate?
  6. Conduct a survey about  policing. Maybe public perception of policing? Police brutality? Is the public perception positive or negative regarding policing today? Develop a survey of 8 to 10 questions and survey at least 15 people. Provide me a summary of the survey, along with the questionnaire and your thoughts. *This can be done using social media such as Facebook, you can create the survey using domains such as SurveyMonkey, or you can survey individuals on campus or within the community. 
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