news article


News article

This option is best used for controversial topics. Present both sides of an issue, attempting as best as you can to be objective (i.e. do NOT take a side). Your news article should be a narrative no longer than 3 pages and must include in-text citations (these should be linked to the internet resource if it is available), at least one picture, at least one graph, graphic or table, at least one embedded video (can be general or take a side), and a listing of sources (included in the 3 page limit). You will be graded based on having the required components (30 points), the quality of your writing and resources (15 points) and uploading your project in the e-learning discussion (5 points). You will be penalized if your article is too short (less than 2 pages) or too long (more than 3 pages).

my topic:  "A Global Look at Spending on Climate Change"

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