Network public’s


Before you begin this assignment, please read the assigned readings for Monday, which can be found in Week 8 Readings. These are two excerpts from the same book. Though it was published in 2016, parts of it read like it was written a very long time ago; while she mentions technologies that are no longer used, pay attention to the concepts--how these apply to the technologies used today. Also, the author makes constant reference to "teens"--I want you to look past that and, again, pay attention to the concepts. Danah Boyd is an important scholar and her idea about "networked publics" is an important one. I chose this text because it presents the idea of a networked public in the easiest, simplest language I could find. 

Part 1: Answer the series of questions below. Your answers to these questions together should equal at least 400 words. Please indicate clearly when you are answering each question (# your answers). 

1. What is a networked public? Put it in your own words--without quoting the author. How is a networked public "public in both the spatial sense and in the sense of an imagined community? 

2. What is an affordance and how does it work? What are the 4 main affordances that shape social media? 

3. How is social media like flaneur? 

4. What is the difference between "being public" and "being in public" on social media? Connect it back to your answer for #1. 

5. What does the example of teen activism and social media reveal about the connection between a "digital public" and "the real world"? What does it reveal about the 4 affordances? 

Part 2: 

What connections can you make between the reading last week (on #Sneckdowns) and the reading from this week? Write at least 100 words. 


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