Network Management




  • In this activity, it is important you cover all the concepts in whatever method that you use to show that you remember some of the basics about networking. Make sure you review the reading material before starting. Note that this will take more than one reading source to complete. Here are the requirements:
    • Describe network devices and how they operate (be sure to include a hub, switch, router, server, firewall, access point, and cable modem).
    • Describe the difference between the OSI and TCP/IP models.
    • Describe protocols within the TCP/IP model.
    • Describe at which layer of the TCP/IP model each network device operates.
  • Choose one of the following as your format:
    1. Make a video. Upload or provide a link to the video in a Word document.
    2. Create a presentation and upload the file.
    3. Write a paper and upload.
    4. Be creative and send an idea of something else to the teacher.
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