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1. What is the full name of the scientist that you chose? 

2. Describe in at least 3 sentences the type of science he/she does, and how his/her work is relevant to our world. Information can be found at the top of the PBS Nova webpage after “Science”, at the bottom near “About …”, and in the videos or on the bio information on the Twitter page. 

3. What is this person’s secret and how or why does this person have this secret? Note that the “secret” is listed on the PBS Nova webpage and may be known by many already (not truly a secret). Usually one of the videos will tell you why this person has this “secret”. 

4. There is at least one video for each scientist. Write one thing that you learned or something that was especially interesting to you in one of the videos, and why you found it interesting. If there is more than 1 video, then to show which video your answer corresponds, please state your answer in this form: From the “30-second” video I learned…or From the “10 questions” video, I learned… 

5. Many of the scientists were first interviewed a number of years ago on the PBS Nova Secret Life of Scientist series. Based on recent tweets, what is the scientist or engineer doing nowadays? 

6. What do the tweets reflect on the scientist? For example, is the scientist sharing a lot of recent scientific ideas or discoveries? Is the scientist promoting a cause? Is the scientist sharing aspects of his/her personal life?

 7. If you could ask the scientist one question, what would it be and why would you ask this question?

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