need powerpoint presentation 10-15 slides coronavirus app


less that 10 % contain direct quotes

visual element included(photos, videos, graphs)

presentation must include:

  1. Introduction Slide(s) – this section must contain the following:
  2. Student Introduction
  3. Topic selection and reason for selecting
  4. The scientific name and  common name of your technology. 
  5. Content Slides – this section must contain the following four main subtopics (the subsections below each subtopic are recommendations to use if appropriate to your technology):
  6. Statistics
    1.  How many people does the technology effect? In what way does it affect them? How has that number changed over time
    2.  How prevalent is the technology throughout the world? Does it exist everywhere? Is it a luxury item?   
  7. Financial Costs
    1.  What were the research and development costs?
    2. What are the costs related to using the technology? How much does a unit cost (if appropriate)? How has the price changed over time?
    3. Are there any taxation policies linked to this technology? How is it treated by countries whose economies rely on it?
  8. A unique aspect of investigation chosen by you – choose another area to investigate (similar to 5 and 6 above).
  9. Conclusion Slide – this section must contain four to six points that sum up the main topics of the presentation.
  10. Reference Slide (and Internal Citations) – this section must contain the following:
    1. Internal citations - This is not just a separate section; rather, referencing should occur throughout the presentation via parenthetical citations anytime you paraphrase, make direct quotes, or use visual components from other sources.  Please be sure to cite any language, images, videos, etc. in the presentation that should be cited.   
    2. Reference Slide - Your paper should also have a final reference slide listing 5-10 credible sources researched for your presentation.
    3. Do not include your summary/evaluation from Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography; simply list the references utilized in your presentation in APA format on the reference slide. 
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