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 Essay Style questions


  • You may provide support from your class materials and text, but your answer must include at least one empirical, peer-reviewed outside source. Be sure to use in-text citations and references. Replies are expected to be at least three full paragraphs of substance

1. Explain the basic elements of classical, neoclassical, and positivist criminology. Where does the blame rest for individuals’ behaviors under each? Which of these theories are evident in the U.S. criminal justice system today? 

2. Discuss modern biological theory and discuss how it influences human behavior. Select a specific theory from the domain of genetics, the central nervous system, or biochemical. Discuss the implications for understanding behavior. 

3. Explain and discuss homicide adaptation theory (HAT) and the potential utility in understanding some criminal behaviors. Select and discuss what a crime HAT attempts to explain. Do you agree? Why or why not? 

4. What do we know about the relationship between intelligence and crime? What does research on intelligence offer, and what are the limitations? 

5. The debate around race and intelligence has multiple answers. What is your informed position on the issue regarding race differences apparent in intelligence testing? Do you see a solution to reducing this score gap? 

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