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Global Financial Management 


The most popular way for international expansion is for a local firm to acquire foreign companies. One of the most benefits for international expansion is global distribution capability that helps expanding the market share.

There are different implications of running a company that is within or outside of the European Union. If you were the head of a firm based in the United States, please answer the following questions, providing the rationale behind your answers:

  1. Would you seek to acquire a company within the European Union or outside of it? Why?
  2. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the choice you made.
  3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages inherent in the option you did not choose.
  4. Explain why an MNC may invest funds in a financial market outside its own country.
  5. Explain why some financial institutions prefer to provide credit in financial markets outside their own country.

Please submit your assignment.

Grading Rubric:

Grading Criteria


Deliverable requirements addressed; understanding of material and writer's message and intent are clear


Scholarly research which supports writer's position properly acknowledged and cited direct quotations may not exceed 10% of the word count of the body of the assignment deliverable (excluded title page, abstract or table of contents if used, tables, exhibits, appendices, and reference page(s). Inclusion of plagiarized content will not be tolerated and may result in adverse academic consequences.


Critical thinking: position is well justified; logical flow; examples 


Structure: includes introduction and conclusion; proper paragraph format and reads as a polished, academic paper or professional presentation, as appropriate for the required assignment deliverable


Mechanical - no spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors


APA - deliverable is cited properly according to the APA Publication Manual (6th Ed.)


and the other project is 

Legal Aspects of Business Decision 


Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Read CASE 2-5 in Chapter 2 of your text.
  • Read CASE 3-4 in Chapter 3 of your text.
  • Read CASE 6-7 in Chapter 6 of your text.
  • Read CASE 7-2 in Chapter 7 of your text (You may want to also look at CASE 3-1 in Chapter 3).
  • Read CASE 9-3 in Chapter 9 of your text.
  • Prepare a case brief for each case.

Refer to this Web page when preparing your case brief.

Include 5–7 academic, peer-reviewed references that are relevant to and support the deliverable.


4 Law School. (n.d.). How to brief a case. Retrieved from

Please submit your assignment.

Your assignment will be graded in accordance with the following criteria. Click here to view the grading rubric.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

This assignment will also be assessed using the Common Assessment criteria provided here.

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