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You're the Expert. Consider yourself an expert in one area. How does your knowledge of this subject influence the way you read literature? How do you bring knowledge to bear on the literature book Beowulf by Seamus Heaney.

There are two parts of this assignment.


Write 1-2 page explanation of how you area of expertise enables you to read literature in general, or a subset of the literature Beowulf, in a unique and  significant way. What are you able to see in Beowulf that others might miss, and why is this insight valuable? Explain your ideas clearly and in detail.

(My AREA OF EXPERTISE IS SECURITY. AIR FORCE MILITARY POLICE. Basically being able to work as one team to get the mission accomplished)


Apply your expertise to Beowulf giving a close textual analysis which demonstrates the relevance of you specialized knowledge to our understanding of the work in 4-6 pages. in this part of the assignment you do not talk about yourself directly, but talk about the text; that is, this will be a standard formal essay.

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