Need a graphical user interface made on iOS using swift with codes


Need a GUI made on iOS. 

My original plan hit a wall when I tried to integrate the image processing subsystem. I researched heavy and figured out I needed a new plan in terms of the whole GUI itself. After discussing with the professor, we created a separate plan to finish the GUI. We figured out that it would be easier to start from scratch and use swift rather than python. So the components and breakdown I created are as followed: 

  • Learn and develop a keen understanding for Swift 
  • Code and get the welcome/login screen working again for the GUI
  • Integrate the image processing and data analytics subsystem.
  • Move it to xcode and generate the app on iOS.

So essentially I need a working graphical user interface on iOS which I can add metrics and a image and that provides users to create an account and save it. The name of the app will be TargetTracker. I attached the files that can be used to display target and metrics. I need it done by January 10th. Ill attach the metrics file soon.

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  • Budget: $100
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