Need a APA paper- Information Governance



Investing in an Information Governance Program is one of the most challenging to justify, however, it’s a very critical function for any organization from risk, security, processes and streamlining flow and management data. In your own words and understanding after reading chapter 7, please submit a 2-page assignment using APA format with at least two references by answering the questions below.

Define, explain and provide examples of unstructured information?

List the factors that make unstructured information challenging. Identify two of the factors that you see are most important and explain why

List the sources of cost for unstructured information. Identify 4 of the sources that you see are critical and explain why.

Assignment Requirements

Assignment must be written in APA format and double-spaced

2 pages (Not including Coversheet and Reference page)

At least 2 Scholarly References

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