Personal Narrative: My K-12 Educational Experience  

Your written assignment for this class is to create a personal narrative that examines your educational experience in grade school through high school. 

A personal narrative is important to help you understand yourself, your education, your viewpoints, your achievements, and many other facets your experience. As you reflect on your personal experience, ask yourself the following: 

1. Where did I go to school?

2. What was my grade school experience? 

3. What was my high school experience?

4. How did I identify with my peers?

5. What was my language experience in school (English courses or Bilingual Education)?

6. Specific events that have defined your K-12 education.  

The narrative should be organized as follows: 

A. You must open the essay with an introductory paragraph. In this paragraph, provide an overview of your educational experience.” Explain how your education has defined who you are. 

B. Then answer the questions above in a logical order. Your response to those questions must be developed paragraphs and NOT simply two or three lines of brief descriptions. Edit very carefully for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors because I will count off! 

C. You should have a conclusion as well, this paragraph should recap the entire essay and discuss what, if anything, you learned about yourself and Mexican American culture and why it’s important to learn more about your own culture and other cultures. In this conclusion include a statement of who you are at this very moment, you can use a quote, an image that symbolizes who you are, a poem, lyrics from a song, etc. BE CREATIVE! 

Your Personal Narrative Assignment is due on Friday, September 18th by 11:59pm. You will upload your essay to the assignment link provided in your Blackboard shell. Your personal narrative should be between 3-5 pages, please address all the questions listed. 

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