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1. Corporate sustainability requires organizational leaders to simultaneously consider the issues involving economic growth, social justice, and environmental quality. Managing an organization for long-term success requires a complete integration of the principles of sustainability into an organization's business processes. How do you see sustainability being operationalized in organizations? Support your statements with examples in terms of the role of systems and standards, life cycle assessment, strategic frameworks, and/or the triple-bottom-line approach. 

2. What are the primary ideological differences between regular evaluation of processes and continuous evaluation of processes? Is continuous evaluation of business processes crucial to ensuring organizational success, or will regular evaluation suffice? Support your position.

***Doctorate Questions*** No Plagiarism....Paraphrase the content, and provide Citations and References for each source provided....Please provide a substantive response for EACH question. Each question should have a word count of 150 words or more....Please provide appropriate foundation knowledge, be factual, and enhance the dialogue….Please do not recite the same words just to provide word count….  

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