Watch a film made in the last 25 years from one of the following genres – Melodrama, Science Fiction/Fantasy, or Horror. It cannot be from the genre that your favorite movie is from (the film you told us was your favorite in week one).

What does it have in common with the films of that genre in the week three content? How is the film different?

How does sound play a part in the film you watched? Identify at least three places that sound stood out in the film.


How Music Can Change a Film

You have learned about the development of sound technology and its various techniques in this week’s lectures and readings. Now, learn specifically about the use of soundtrack and score in film and its important role in enhancing the cinema experience. We will address sound in more detail in Week 6. This lecture should be referenced in your first discussion for this week. This reading may also be referenced in the final essay, if sound is to be included in the analysis.

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