Module 6



Discussion Question:

Assume you are the IT manager for your firm (if you currently are a full-time student, you could use the university as your work context, or that from a previous job). Identify one piece of software or hardware that your firm feels is important for its operations. Conduct your own research. Discuss the factors that must be considered when making the make, buy, or rent decision.    


  • Please review Chapters 13 & 14 of your textbook.
  • Please submit your initial posting by 23:59 EST Day 3 (Wednesday) of Week 6, and comment on the posts of at least two classmates by 23:59 EST Day 7 (Sunday) of Week 6.
  • The initial and subsequent postings have to be submitted on or prior to the time and date that it is due, unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.
  • Your initial posting must address the discussion questions and should be of approximately 500 words ( (it is recommended that you type your initial posting in a separate document and then copy / paste it into Canvas). 
  • You will not see the posts of your classmates until you have made your initial posting, hence the earlier you make your initial posting, the more opportunity you have to be an active participant on the discussion forum.
  • Any external work that you refer to must be cited using the APA format.
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