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Academic Integrity Warning During the marking of an assessment task for the unit NETS3011 WEB310 Online Games, Play and Gamification concerns were raised by the Unit Coordinator about your work. Incident Details: In Assignment 1 of the unit NETS3011 you have included a significant amount of material from online sources, such as articles and websites without adequate referencing, paraphrasing or another acknowledgement. This occurrence is being dealt with under the procedures established for Academic Integrity Warning. This is not considered to be Academic Misconduct, but is seen as an opportunity to receive education on writing with academic integrity. You are required to complete the educative action(s) below: Educative Action: You are required to correct and/or improve your work in relation to academic integrity and then re-submit it to the UC for marking. You are required to contact your UC for information on other resources specific to your unit that can assist you to write with academic integrity. You are required to read the booklet: Academic Integrity at Curtin: Student Guidelines for Avoiding Plagiarism (available at Once you have completed the task, you will need to email [email protected] with your case number in the subject line to confirm you have satisfied the requirement. You are required to complete the Better Referencing Program (available at and the Better Referencing Test (available at You will need to provide the certificate of completion to [email protected] with your case number in the subject line

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