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As you read through the required materials for this week, you should come to realize that there are a great number of materials and technologies typically found in a modern forensic laboratory that are used to process and analyze physical evidence that may help solve the crime and may ultimately be introduced in court. Create an outline of those materials and technologies with a brief description (a sentence or two) of each.

Using the required readings for this week, choose a specific type of process/analysis you find to be the most significant. Find two additional credible sources from the Ashford University Library (or another resource for finding credible sources) that relate to your chosen process/analysis. Discuss your chosen process/analysis in detail. Include the following elements in your initial post:

  • Outline and briefly explain the materials and technologies typically found in a modern forensic laboratory.
  • Examine how the process/analysis you have chosen is performed.
  • Specify why that process/analysis is the most significant.
  • Discuss any common problems or concerns with using that process/analysis.
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