Midterm Exam



For students with a documented disability, this exam has a longer time limit. If you have not contacted me to arrange for extra time, please do so ASAP.

For everyone else, this exam has a three-hour time limit. Please be sure you have a full three hours available before beginning the exam. Taking more than three hours will result in a one letter grade penalty to your final score.

Important Advice: Make sure you have read Nagel's paper, "What is it Like to Be a Bat?" at least two times before starting the exam. This is a long-ish article and more difficult than the reading we have done so far. You definitively will not have enough time to read the paper and do the exam within the three hours limit. So, again, read the paper BEFORE you begin the exam. Remember that you can take the exam any day of the week (Mar 1 - Mar 7). You can ask me any questions about the paper as long as you do so before taking the exam.

You can find the paper at the link below.

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