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This final must be typed, double spaced with Times New Roman 12-point font. Do not plagiarize and provide detailed answers in your own words; use in-text citations to back up your answers, appropriate references, and list page numbers at the end of each answer.

.Chapter 1


  1. Why should victimologists strive for objectivity rather than automatically adopt a pro-victim bias?
  2. In what ways are victimology and criminology similar, and in what ways do they differ?

Chapter 2


  1. Identify some of the important milestones in the history of academic victimology.
  2. Highlight some of the first breakthroughs in victim assistance.

Chapter 3


  1. What kinds of information about victims of interpersonal violence and theft can be found in the FBI’s annual Uniformed Crime Report? What are the sources of inaccuracies in these statistics?
  2. What kinds of information about victims of interpersonal violence and theft can be found in the BJS annual National Crime Victimization Survey? What are the sources of inaccuracies in these statistics?

Chapter 4


  1. Discuss the contention that property crime really has really subsided so much it has just shifted to identity theft

Chapter 5


  1. What high risk groups if any o you fall into, when it comes to the following four crimes: robbery, burglary, vehicle theft, and identity theft?
  2. Explain system blaming in general, and then apply this perspective to identity theft.

Chapter 6


  1. Make up some details about a shooting, and then discuss what a police department ideally could do for the injured person in this case. Then reverse the outcomes and highlight every problem with local police that could further compound the suffering of this victim.

News Question  What are your thoughts about the George Floyd case and verdict 

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