Make sure you answer all completely and thoroughly. Use full sentences and complete thoughts. Give examples. Lists and bullets are not acceptable and will be given a zero. You need to write a well crafted essay of at least 150 words for each question. Use proper grammar and punctuation. For example, make sure you capitalize the letter "I".  You will lose five points for each time you do not do this. 

You will choose four of the six questions. Please make sure to indicate which question you are answering.  

Question 1.  Explain and described three (3) similarities and three (3) differences  between leadership and management and provide examples.

Question 2. What are the six key leadership traits? In your opinion, which one of the six key leadership traits is the most important. Give one example from your personal leadership journey.

Question 3. Describe the authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-faire leadership styles discussed in the book.  List a pro can con for each one.

Question 4.  First list and then discuss the four areas discussed in the book that leaders need to consider to create a positive work environment. 

Question 5. Briefly define the behaviors that comprise task leadership. What is the common thread among them? What is a downside of being too task focused?

Question 6. What is social perceptiveness? Why can leaders with social perceptiveness create change more effectively than those without it?

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