Using the APUS Online Library, select a peer-reviewed article that is no more than 5 years old that interests you personally, however, it must be related to at least two of the following topic areas:

  • National security law
  • Homeland security laws, policies, and executive orders
  • Constitutional impact
  • Civil liberties
  • Individual Rights
  • Immigration and border security

Prepare a 5-page critical analysis of the article (this does not count the cover page or the reference page).  A critical analysis includes:

  • An Introduction – introduce the thesis
  • Summary – provide the main idea
  • Analysis – critically state the positive and negative points of the article and assess if the intended goal of the author was met
  • Conclusion – summarize the main ideas

I provided the first reference that must be used.  Include at least 2 additional references as part of your critique (to support your analysis).

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