Mid-Term Essays




Listed below are the directions, guide lines, essays that need to be completed and the resource links. Attached are study guides, PowerPointes, the exam essays and the rubric. 

Directions: Answer 2 essay questions, one from each section below -2.3 pages per essay – approximately 5 pages total -All essays should be in a single MS Word document, attached/uploaded to the assignment prompt. 


Support every part of each essay answer with course resources; construct each essay with a descriptive/unique  title, introduction, body, and conclusion; proof read your writing for accuracy, clarity, grammar, plagiarism, etc. 

Part 1: Essay #1 – Describe/explain today’s state (condition) of African America in terms of the disparities (compared to the white population) in the areas of employment, health, incarceration, wealth and politics/power.  Did the slavery experience contribute to these disparities between Blacks and whites; how so or how not so? Despite the disparities, what do you see as specific current strengths (Hip-hop, elected officials, Black live matters movement, etc.) of the African American community and how do these strengths specifically work to relieve the relatively poor state/condition of African America?

Resources for #1:

Study Guide – State of AA’s

PPT – State of AA’s




Part 2 Essay #6 -  Consider/review U.S. enslavement holocaust as a four part/characteristic system. What are at least 2 examples of enslavement, characterized/described as: forced, legal, resisted and contradictory?  Concerning the many ways in which the enslaved resisted bondage, what is at least one example of the following forms of resistance: day-to-day, cultural, escape, and revolt, and how effective, in your opinion, were these forms of resistance?   

Resources for #6:

PPT’s – enslavement system

Study Guide – antebellum blacks;

F & H chapters: 5 thru 8; https://faculty.mccneb.edu/HPearson/HIST%201050.html

If you have any questions, email and I will responded in a timely manner.


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