Microbiology Article Review



  1. A MINIMUM of 2 paragraphs summarizing the article. Each paragraph should be a minimum of 3 sentences. The summary should include all main ideas from the article.This should be a good, detailed, summary-assume that I have never read the article and summarize it so that I understand the article. The article should be fully summarized-this may require more than 2 paragraphs depending on the article. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE-you cannot copy from the article. This should be a summary-read the article, work to understand what it is talking about, then summarize it in your own words. If you copy directly from the article, you MUST use quotes, however, quotes should be kept to a minimum. Please don't include a quote unless it's absolutely necessary. In order to get full credit, you must have no more than one quote (please review the rubric).
  2. A MINIMUM of 1 paragraph containing your thoughts and opinions. This could include a number of different things-for example, was the article interesting? Did you learn anything new? Did you agree or disagree with anything in the article? For this, use critical thinking based on prior knowledge from other classes or from this class. In addition, you must relate the importance of the article to your own life and/or future career (dietitian)
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