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Read Jonathan Tucker's position paper on microbial forensics and choose one of the four faces for further analysis.  Tucker's advice for the establishment of the "Microbial Forensics Advisory Board" was taken.  In 2009, the National Science and Technology Council released a "National Research and Development Strategy for Microbial Forensics", which outlined the key parameters that needed to be addressed.  A recent news article in Nature Medicine (attached) discusses how analysis of the data lags behind the sequencing - in other words, we have the scientific tools to gather a lot of data but don't know yet how to use this data to unambiguously reach conclusions regarding association. 

Read the hyperlinked articles and reports above.  Choose one aspect of Tucker's article to focus on (your choice, it could be database development, intelligence cooperation, or anything), and analyze the response of the NSTC and any other source to determine whether we are implementing a feasible strategy.  Write three paragraphs, and include any outside sources that you find.  (This is a "choose your own adventure" assignment, so find what interests you and proceed).  

APA format, in-text citation, references include, 1 1/2 page

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