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The purpose of corrections is a hotly debated issue: Is the role of corrections to punish offenders or rehabilitate people? When offenders reenter society, should they be provided assistance to integrate, or should they be left to their own devices? There is no easy answer to these questions, and every criminal justice system, jurisdiction, and community needs to analyze and develop a policy of their own.

Submission Length: 10-slide PowerPoint presentation

Note: use footnotes to provide further details in your presentation.


Corrections Reform Policy

After reviewing the theories in the Learning Activities, use the National Institute of Justice website to research and identify one reentry program (it can be shown to be effective or ineffective). Then, identify one program from another country, from a credible resource.

Using the Walden Writing Center PowerPoint Presentation Template, create a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation (not including title and reference slides) which you:

  • Describe two reentry programs. Include at least two social or cultural perspectives on each.
  • For each reentry program:
    • Explain whether each one is effective
    • Describe how it is effective or ineffective
  • Include references to research and statistics that exist to support or oppose the furtherance of the program.
  • Include at least one graph for each program to illustrate your position.
  • Finally, explain which program is more effective at helping offenders reenter society.
  • Present one way you would suggest reforming the program to improve it.

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