mens sherwani pakistani



mens sherwani pakistani

Keyword Research what is the point of ranking for something that no one is searching? Well, there’s no point from a business standpoint.  Google gives out search data freely. They tell you how many people are searching for…whatever you want. Now, the data they give is far from perfect (they hide the low volume traffic numbers, but that’s well over 50% of the total traffic!), but it’s a great start. There needs to be some sort of evidence that your market is out there searching for your products or services. I see many people that (at first) are ecstatic to get 1st page rankings for things no one is searching. Then, months down the line they do the math and figure out that no new business came through their doors and they think to themselves, “But, but, but I’m on the 1st page of Google!” Well, your SEO Consultant failed to walk you through the 1st and most basic internet marketing exercise.11

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