Meeting and event management


need 1500words and 10 slides ppt. due time is feb 28th. message me with your price

Powerpoint and report requirements for presentation.

As mentioned, please refer to the following details below

1. Powerpoint must be a minimum of 15 slides to a maximum of 17 slides

2. Prepare your presentation within the time allowed which is a 12-minute minimum and a 15 mins maximum.

3. Use bullets on each slide, not paragraph

4. Include all necessary pieces of information given on the project outline,

5. Unnecessary details may lead to a minus point.

6. Must follow the APA format and references



Each group must submit a complete summation of your report and must follow the following;

a. 5 pages which include the following

1. Cover page

2. Page 2 and 3 body of the summary

3. Page 4 “ The event schedule” from day 1 to the last day

4. Must follow the APA citation style ( IMPORTANT_)

5. The report must be submitted on the day your group will present.

6. Late submission will NOT be accepted.

 Let me know if you have any questions .

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