Medications Used to Treat Mental Illness


 You  are a nurse at an outpatient clinic and are presented with a  68-year-old female client.  She is experiencing the following symptoms:  decreased appetite, disturbed sleep pattern, fatigue, difficulty  concentrating, disordered thought process, anhedonia, guilt, and low  self-esteem. The doctor diagnoses the client with major depressive  disorder.  Answer the following questions:

  • What medication do you think is likely to be prescribed for this client and why? 
  • What are some important teachings you would give this client when administering the first dose? 
  • When  following up with the client 2 months later.  What are some changes you  may expect to see with the client? If the client is not displaying the  expected outcomes, what are some possible alternatives for the client? 

Please use and provide the scholarly article used to answer the questions

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