Medical Detectives (Forensic Files) - Season 12, Ep 14: Finger Pane


The answers are given in the video. 

  1. What did the alert investigator see that nobody else saw?
  2. What problems did the forensic scientist have in Teas City, Texas?
  3. What was discovered on a rural dirt road?
  4. How long were they dead when they were found?
  5. What did police officers believe was the state of mind of the perpetrator?
  6. Describe the 2 victims.
  7. Why do the investigators think it was the perpetrator’s first crime?
  8. List evidence was found at the scene.
  9. What did the find on Cammy’s Keleman’s left leg?
  10. Why would lifting the fingerprint difficult?
  11. How did they lift the fingerprint from the blood?
  12. Describe the problem with the fingerprint taken from the skin?
  13. How did they isolate the fingerprint?
  14. Describe what was ubique about the tires and how did they find where they were sold?
  15. Describe what the witness, the prostitute, tell and gave the police?
  16. Why did the police suspect Castillon as being the murderer?
  17. Describe the evidence that supported the polices’ suspicions?
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