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What degree are you going to get? Human Resources Management

Research the math skills necessary for your current or future profession.

Although, Human Resources math skills are necessary and my future profession. Human Resources has used math skills as well as statistics, and algebra. The job analysis depends on future reference and the places from the people. Mathematics is a great skill to solve any problem in the job analysis, and employment is still going on. 

The mathematics technology is the key is success and the placement is the point of view. The graduate is the higher end to succeed and know all the differences in math skills. Also, math skills are the key to success from any employment and for Human Resources Management.


National Science Foundation (US). Directorate for Education, & Human Resources. (1996). Shaping the future: New expectations for undergraduate education in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (Vol. 1). National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education.

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