Answer all questions. Show all calculations. Give complete explanations. Ask your instructor for any clarification.

1. Explain what a function is in your own words. (2 pts)

1b.  Give one mapping example  (2 pts)

1c.  Give one algebraic example. (2 pts)

1d. Give the domain and range for both examples. (6 pts)

2. "All Relations are Functions". Explain whether this statement is true or false. (4 pts)

2b. 'All Functions are Relations". Explain whether this statement is true or false. (4 pts)

3. Given that f(x) =x2 − 5x + 11, find the following:

  • f(3)
  • f(0)
  • f(-4)

(10 pts)

4a.  Make up your own real life function by writing out the scenario (word situation).  (7 pts)

4b. Then write the f(x) equation. (3 pts)

4c.  Do two  f(x) evaluations ( eg. f(3), f(5)). Explain what the results say about your scenario problem. (10 pts)

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